The Full Picture

Story-Driven Strategy. Data Backed Content

Storytelling defined. We know where to look and what moves the audience. We'll help build a storytelling strategy & produce content.
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Click above: Telling the farmer's story is about exposing it to new audiences. At Land O'Lakes, Inc I led digital teams to source, publish & promote our messages. I developed the Something Greater Podcast, several blog stories & video shoots aimed at new audiences. 

Podcast Production & Strategy

We not only help with production we'll help you understand the data. Use it to sell and target specific markets for PR or sales needs. 

Check out Cookie Jar Confessionals a podcast by Tina Rexing, CEO of T-Rex Cookie.


Leverage the data

The authenci podcast channel on Apple is the business of storytelling. Make data-driven decisions from audience metrics and use your podcast as a sales tool. 

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Almost There

We're working on the important stuff first. We'll get to the chest-pounding when we can.